About Us

The Krapp Strapp was invented by Bob Legg and Keith Lindsey of Jacksonville Texas. They are passionate about creating outdoor necessities that will allow people to spend more time outside doing what they love.

In 2022, they began selling the Krapp Strapp, a device that allows you to take care of the "necessities" easily and safely while outdoors. The Krapp Strapp quickly became an internet sensation among the hiking and hunting communities and has been flying off the shelves ever since.

Meet Bob Legg

Visionary, Innovator, Entrepreneur & Smacktalker

Bob created, manufactured, and brought to market the very first motion duck decoy for hunting. That was in the 80's, and his very first decoy still is in perfect working condition to this day! Now Bob and his partner, Keith, work to create everything from hunting decoys to products like the Krapp Strapp for hunters, hikers, and outdoor lovers alike.